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Trump vs Biden : Who’s the winner ?

Léonie Carrere, member of the school newspaper.

Thursday December 3, 2020.

Photo American presidential
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It was one of the most important events of 2020: the American presidential election. After 4 years with Donald Trump at the head of the country, American people voted on 3rd November 2020 for their 46th president. It was a real confrontation between the Democratic party, led by Joe Biden, and the Republican party, led by Donald Trump. This election was not only important in the United-States but also in the whole world. So, who is the next president of the first world power ?

To begin with, the American presidential election is a bit difficult to understand for us. Indeed, the French president is elected directly while the American president is elected indirectly. (It is one of the reasons why the result of the American election takes such a long time). So, American people didn’t vote directly for their president but for electors. First, both of the main parties (the Democrats and the Republicans) have to pick one candidate who will represent them during the election. Secondly, the presidential election took place the first Tuesday in November, which means Americans voters have to vote for people called ‘electors’ in their own state. Those electors support one of the candidates. If you vote for them, indirectly, you vote for one of the candidates.

However, not all states have the same number of electors. The more populated a state is , the more electors it gets. That is the case of California and Florida for example. At the end, there are 538 electors across the 51 states of the United-States. To win the election, a candidate needs 270 electors.

For this election, even if at first the results were close, Biden won the election with 306 electors against 232 for Trump. Trump refused to acknowledge his defeat. He said on Twitter that he was the winner and that the results were rigged, that’s why he took legal actions. Nevertheless, a lot of his requests were rejected by the justice.

On 14th December, electors voted for the president. The official results were supposed to be announced on 6th January 2021. Nethertheless, they couldn’t do it on 6th because of some rioters who took the Capitol by storm. It caused the death of five people, including a policeman. They, after all, announced that Joe Biden would be the next president of the United-States. After all of this, Donald Trump had to admit that he had lost the election. He did it through a video on Twitter. Joe Biden’s inauguration will be on 20th January 2021. He has already chosen his Vice-president who will be a woman, Kamala Haris.

However, even if Biden is the next American president, Donald Trump’s presidency has left the country divided, like never before.

Vocabulary :

Took place : [conjugaison – simple past] se tenir.

Indeed : en effet.

Electors : Grands Electeurs.

Acknowledge : admettre.

Rigged : truqués.

Legal action : action en justice.

Nethertheless / However : cependant.

Rioter : émeutier.

Took [ something ] by storm : [conjugaison – simple past] prendre d’assaut.

Inauguration : investiture.

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