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Cambridge English Certificate

Cambridge English Certificate 2018

We took an exam, the Cambridge English Certificate, last year when we were in second class. It took place at the high school André Malraux. We were asked to work on four competences: the writing comprehension, the listening comprehension, the oral expression and the written expression.

At the beginning of the year, we received our results. Some of us attained the A2 level and others the B1 level. Mr Villard, the Headmaster, presented us with our diplomas. All the class was present. Our DNL teacher Mr Bernard and the Irish assistant joined us.

This certificate helps us to be more motivated and involved in the DNL teaching. What’s more, it helps prepare us for the upcoming exams.

But this year, surprisingly, we heard that we can improve our English level one more time. In terminal, we will do this exam once more, but this time it’s about the B2 or C1 levels.

Being good at English is a real bonus with regards to our studies after the Baccalauréat.



In March 2017, we had the chance to take the Cambridge English Certificate (CEC) which, as we are students in the European section, we were entitled to take at no cost. It allowed us to validate our level in English acquired in the European Language Framework.

A graduation took place in November 2018 and every student found out their results and saw what level he/she had last year.

As you can see from the photos, we were all satisfied, really proud of ourselves and simply over the moon!





Cambridge English Certificate 2017


Cambridge English Certificate 2016

Tuesday, October 11th we attended the awards of our « Cambridge English Certificate ». Indeed, last year we passed an exam where we had to do a writing comprehension, a speaking comprehension, and listening comprehension. This event took place at high school.

That day, we received from Mr Villard (the headmaster of Malraux) our certificate. Mrs Tillette (the headmaster co-worker) was there as well. The whole class was present as well as our DNL teacher, Mr Bernard, two other English teachers and our new American assistant from the Arkansas, Sam. One by one, we were able to know what level we had either A2 or B1. Receiving the « Cambridge English Language Assessment » is a great motivation to aim for higher levels in the future. It’s a very good preparation for the Baccalauréat and for English tests, for instance regarding the competitions of great schools.

Jade Courtois