Erasmus +

Erasmus + is a european program for youth education. It’s aimed at making students traveling in the EU more comfortable.

Friday, March 17th there was a meeting in the high school with the intention of presenting the project and going more into detail. So since we were in France, the other countries (Italy, Spain, Romania and Greece) had representatives of their establishments. The majority of them were teachers and one of them works in the Archives of the EU. They came to visit Biarritz and the surrounding areas to choose the places they want to show to the students who will come to France. They looked happy and motivated by the project and really made us want to go to their countries to learn more about their culture. We took some pictures and the room was well-decorated with  images of the four countries. After the presentation and the short speeches, we were offered an appetizer in order to talk to each other. It was nice and this meeting helped us to know more about this project and we are glad to be a part of it.

Emilie R. and Lou-Kiyane


Erasmus club

May 2nd

I was absent during the first meeting because I had an appointment, so this was my first time at the Erasmus+ club.

The teachers gave us 30 minutes to search for words common to all the countries that took part in the project, so that we could put them on a chart. All of the groups were able to come up with a few ideas and we created what we called « the Erasmus+ chart ».

May 9th

Happy Europe day! We made a poster using paper and sharpies. Then we hung them in different places in the High school. We had a lot of fun!

May 16th

The students from the Latin class showed a poster they had done in their class. It was really well-done! They had put words in yellow stars showing values common to all countries involved in the project (Italy, Romania, Greece, Spain and France). We worked in teams of two and drew a word. Furthermore, we had to make a poster with sentences and images such as pictures of monuments that were related to that word. It was really tough sometimes! I personally drew “laïcité” and I basically put anything I could come up with on the poster since it was really hard to find an interesting representation of that word.


We actually didn’t do anything manual during this meeting. I mean, except eating the cherries we were given by Mr. Bernard of course! We talked a lot about who wanted to go where next year. Turns out 7 students want go to Italy (but there are just 6 seats available) and 6 who want to go to Romania. The CPE told us about her visit in a small town in Romania. It sounded really authentic and interesting! We tried to speak English during the whole hour but it was pretty hard for the teachers! (except for Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Porte Dit Loustau who speak fluent English)