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FIPA 2017



 On Thursday 26th January we went to FIPA (Festival International des Progammes Audiovisuels). We watched a documentary entitled « A family tribute » which was directed by John Bridcut. This documentary was made in honor of Queen Elizabeth II for her 90th birthday. It was published and commissioned by the BBC.

This documentary is about the queen’s life, and permits us to see the royal family as a normal family. We finally see their private lives from an intimate point of view. On top of that the narrator was a member of the royal family: Prince Charles. And to be closer to the feelings of this famous family, we can hear several of their comments for instance Prince William commented on a video of his mother.

At the end of the showing we had the chance to meet and interview the director. He explained to us that he was allowed to use the royal archives. However, to respect the family’s privacy he made a certain selection and only published the ones that he thought were interesting.  Then he told us that he spent several years making it. He had to collect the clips, interview different members of the royal family, and edit. The director told us that this movie did not have a message; everybody can interpret it as they want.

To conclude we can say that the movie was interesting for people who like seeing celebrities’ private lives, but for other people it was pretty boring. But it was such a great opportunity to practice English and know more about English culture.

Camille (1ère)