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Sing Street

Sing Street was co-written, co-produced and directed by John Carney in 2016. The film grossed $ 13 million wordlwide and was nominated as best movie-comedy or comedy at 74th Golden Globe Awards.

In Dublin, Conor Lawlor, a 15-year-old high school student whose parents are close to divorce, is forced to change high school. In this new establishment, he undergoes the disastrous atmosphere of the religious high school by finding himself in the midst of violent and disrespectful students who maltreat him and demanding teachears. Inspired by the mythical groups of the time, the young boy creates a band with the help of his new friends and his older brother Brendan, to seduce Raphinan a model and in order to conquer her he offers to play in his future clip whose lyrics he had written. At the end of the film Conor and raphina set sail following the ferry that crosses the Irish Sea for a new life in London.

I didn’t like this movie because I found it slow and not bright enough.

Léo (2nde)


Sing Street

The movie we saw at the last Ciné Club was Sing Street. It was released in 2016 and was created by John Carney.

The story takes place in Dublin in 1985 where Conor, a young boy in his teens, has to change schools because his family has too many debts to pay. At the end of his first day there, he meets a girl standing in front of his school gate, and he can’t take his eyes off her. To catch Raphina’s attention and to get a chance to talk to her, he tells her that he has a band (nonexistent at this moment) and he is searching for a model and actress for a music video. She’s the perfect person! Soon after she agrees and that means that he has to create the band at once, even if he knows nothing about music other than the LPs he has at home. The newly created band decides to name itself “Sing Street”. At first, they only do cover versions of other songs but soon after they compose their own songs. Conor gradually falls in love with Raphina and does his best to catch her attention. He would like to make her fall for him even though it all has started off on the wrong foot…

I personally really liked this movie, because at first, the band’s members were insulted because they were “different” by their peers. However, they didn’t care at all and remained themselves and I really enjoyed seeing this! Moreover, the songs were very catchy and after we saw the movie, one of them got stuck in my head. Unfortunately, in my opinion, the ending was way too predictable and obvious. I had figured it out in the middle of the movie and there was absolutely no surprise for me.

Elaia (2nde)


Sing Street

Connor is a young Irish boy who lives in Dublin. He wants to impress a girl named Raphina. For that, he creates a music band with his friends. The dream of the girl is to go to London. She’d like to become a famous model.

I really liked the film because it was my first time to see a movie about a band. The music was very particular. Thanks to this film, I’ve discovered Dublin and Irish people. It was quite funny because of the accent and the way they acted.

Hugo (2nde)


Sing Street


Sing Street is an Irish musical comedy-drama film directed by John Carney and released in 2016.

The story takes place in Dublin, in the 1980’s. It relates the life of a young teenager who is called Connor Lawlor. His parents are a bit short of money and they choose to find another high school. They are going to get divorced and the economic crisis makes the situation complicated: they can’t pay the rent!

Connor discovers his new public school which is a catholic school also known as « Synge Street ». But his new classmates maltreat him and the atmosphere is disastrous. One day, he meets a girl across the street. She says that she is a model. Without thinking too much, he tells her that he has a music band. Actually, he only wants to impress her. Consequently, he casts friends from his new school to create a band. « Sing Street » will be their name!

Day after day, they keep on composing music and writing lyrics. When it’s done, he asks the girl to play in a video clip. Connor is getting closer to the model and the band has now several songs. During the school year, they do their first gig.

However, the model « Raphina » leaves Ireland with her boyfriend and she can’t be present at the gig. For some reasons, she finally gets back home. Nevertheless, Connor doesn’t hear anything from her. He is determined to write a song for her.

They start seeing each other again and decide to run away in a boat so as to go to London. They do not have money but they take Connor’s guitar with them, the band’s songs and Raphina’s photographs.

I really liked this movie insofar as it’s my favorite type of movie and I watch musical movies as soon as I can! It was a beautiful story with some difficulties but the characters are endearing and interesting. The soundtrack is really good. It was truly a good moment to watch this movie.

Maylis (2nde)

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Sing street is a movie that was created by John Carrey and was released in 2016

The story is about a teenage boy named Connor who lives in Ireland.

He just changed schools and tries to fit in but the boys in his school are very rude and the principal of the school is very strict. At home, his parents are having a hard time paying bills and fight a lot. They will soon be getting a divorce. All that makes his life pretty stressful right now.

Fortunately he made a few friends and met a new girl called Raphina who he seems to like a lot. Her dream is to become a model and move to London, and Connor really wants to impress her.

So he decided to create a band, he recruited a few friends and started making music and music videos. Raphina loves Connor’s music and decides to help the boys with their band. Now Connor’s main desire is to stand out, have fun making music and also he hopes that Raphina will fall in love with him. With the help of his brother and his friends the band is getting better and better. But the day of the big show the girl never shows up. Connor learns that she has run away with another man. He is very hurt but goes all around town trying to find her.

After a while he sees her in town, so they meet up and have a nice conversation, the girl explains why she left and says that she’s deeply sorry.

Both of them have big dreams and want to have an adventure. So Connor bravely proposes that they sail to England to find opportunities and start fresh.

The next day they take a boat and sail away.

Caroline (2nde)


Sing Street

John Carney doesn’t convey a strong message in Sing Street, which remains an entertaining and enjoyable movie to watch. Above all, this teen movie avoids the childishness often found in this kind of films.

The integration problem of the main character evoked by the synopsis is not the main subject of Sing Street. This theme is more of a pretext quickly abandoned before being « solved » at the end of the film. Because John Carney choses to strike the nostalgic chord of the spectators. Sing Street takes us back to the 80s with its soundtrack and the outfits and looks of the members of the music band whose evolution follows the influences of the group.

I highly advise you to watch this movie!

Albane (1ère)


Watch it and enjoy!

Let me tell you about a movie called « Sing Street ». Directed by John Carney in 2016, the story takes place in 1980s Dublin and tells the story of Connor a 15-year-old teenager who has just arrived in a new school. In order to impress an older girl, he decides to create a band and to take on her as a model in their video.

I particularly enjoyed watching such a movie since in addition to listening to 80’s hits by The Cure, Duran-Duran, A-ha and many others, I could also discover the Dublin’s streets through this wonderful setting.

Moreover the story of this young boy full of hope seemed to be so realistic that I first thought it was a true story!

A moving story with endearing characters, no need to add anything. Just watch it and enjoy!

Claire Elise (1ère)