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Lamb to the Slaughter

Lamb to the Slaughter is a short B&W old movie by Alfred Hitchcock. It’s based on a short story written by Roald Dahl, published in 1954.

This movie relates the story of a woman who is waiting for her husband. When he comes back home, we can notice he seems upset, distant and a bit anxious. He decides to have a drink. On her side, his wife is about to prepare their dinner. She plans on cooking a leg of lamb. Suddenly, her husband explains to her why he’s so distant and tells her that he wants to leave her. On a spur of a moment, she takes the big frozen piece of lamb and she hits him on his head. The punch is so hard that he dies. Then, she makes the flat messy in order to make the police think it was a murder or a burglary. Actually, the policemen can’t find any weapons. Not surprising! She’s put it in the oven! Eventually, she suggests they could share a good dinner and eat the lamb that killed the man.

This movie sounded unusual to me. The story is interesting though. It isn’t really my cup of tea, but I enjoyed it. It was funny to see she killed him with that frozen leg of lamb just because he said he wanted to leave her. What a comical story!



Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980)

The title of the movie we watched during the class before Christmas is « Lamb to the Slaughter ». It is a B&W movie produced by Alfred Hitchcock and released in 1958.

A man is about to leave his wife. She can’t cope with it so she decides to kill him with a frozen leg of lamb. She decides to make her living room messy because she wants the detectives to believe a burglary and a murder. Then, she calls the police. The detectives examine the living room. Finally, they can’t find any clues and the woman cooks the lamb and suggests the police officers could have a good meal.

I liked this movie very much because there’s a lot of action in it. On the top of that, it’s a thriller with a good humour. It is a short story with a big punch line. Moreover, the actors act very well.



Barbara Bel Geddes (1922-2005)

A housewife, Marie, is pregnant with her first child.  She is waiting for the return of her husband, Patrick. When he comes back, she notices that he is unusually distant and thinks that he is tired of work. After drinking more than usual, Patrick reveals what makes him do so. He asks to get divorced because he wants to marry another woman. Angry and surprised to hear such news, Marie goes to get a big leg of lamb in the freezer of the cellar to prepare a meal. Patrick tells her not to prepare dinner for him. He plans on going out.  As he’s looking through the window, Marie hits him on the back of the head with the frozen meat, killing him instantly.

She realizes she’s just killed him. Serenely, she prepares the leg she used as a weapon and puts it in the oven to destroy some of the evidence. She then visits the grocer to buy vegetables. Back home and in the room where her husband is still lying on the floor, she pretends to be surprised and starts crying and then calls the police. When the police arrive, they ask Marie questions and search the scene. The police say that Patrick was killed by an intruder with a big item. After an unsuccessful search around the house and surroundings, one of the policemen reminds Marie that her dinner is cooking, saying that the oven works. She then offers dinner to the police saying that otherwise the meat would be lost. During the meal, while Marie is sitting in the living room but does not join them, the police discuss the possible location of the murder weapon. One of the policemen mouth full of meat, says it’s « probably right under our noses ». Marie, listening to them, starts to laugh.



The movie that we watched is a B&W old movie. Lamb to the Slaughter by Alfred Hitchcock was released in 1958.

At the beginning, we can see a man getting back home. His wife is waiting for him. He unexpectedly announces that he has made a decision. He wants to separate. The shock of his husband’s announce really hurts her. She hits him with a big piece of frozen meat and kills him. A bit later, she says to the policemen that it was a burglar who killed the man. The policemen have a reasonable doubt. Actually, at the end of the movie, the policemen have a good dinner eating the weapon that had been cooked in the oven. Next to them, the woman starts laughing.

Personally, I liked the movie very much because that’s a mix between a thriller and a comedy. I’m keen on watching such a film. I thought the policemen would have arrested her but they didn’t. Eventually, I was surprised and it made me laugh.



Lamb to the Slaughter is a short story by Roald Dahl. It was published in 1954. The film by Alfred Hitchcock is based on that story.

Patrick Callously is a policeman. He tells his wife, Mary Marney, that he wants to leave her. At this announcement, shocked and in a hurry, she strikes him with a still frozen leg of lamb, bought for dinner. She quickly calls her husband’s colleagues and claims that she has found her husband dead after shopping.

On their arrival the police seek the weapon of the crime. After a while, she invites them to dinner: on the menu, a leg of lamb roasted well!

I like this film because there is lots of action even though it doesn’t sound very possible in real life.