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I, Daniel Blake

I, Daniel Blake, by Ken Loach

The cineclub’s subject this week was about social inequalities with a Ken Loach’s movie named I, Daniel Blake, Palme d’Or’s holder. This is the story of a man, Daniel Blake, of around 60 years old, who had a heart attack while he was a carpenter. Since that event, his doctor has forbidden him to work again. Therefore, he asked for compensation in order to still be able to meet his own financial needs. However, and I believe that this is exactly what the true meaning of the movie is, no matter how ridiculous that could be, to have this compensation, Daniel needed to be looking for a job even if he had the interdiction to work. Ken Loach wants to show us the harsh reality of life and certainly the aberration of our system.

Then, at the job center Daniel met Katie, a mother of 2 children who also struggles to make a living. Thereby, she needed to find a place far away from the city to escape to the social care institution. They became really close and Daniel took care of her children when she was looking for a job. Moreover, she had no choice but to do things that she wasn’t proud of, like robbery and then being an “escort girl”. Some things that she would have never done if she had the choice or simply just enough money to provide for her family’s needs.

After a lot of trouble and depression, Daniel finally has the opportunity to be heard in regards to receiving his compensation and to begin a normal life after all these years. But before having this chance he died after a second heart attack. Here, the filmmaker shows us the fatality of life and how unfair it could be. As a result, this movie was shocking and instructive at the same time. We saw facts that we basically couldn’t imagine. Additionally, the story was moving and even if, at the contrary of Cannes, I didn’t really like the movie I am happy to have watched it at the cineclub because otherwise I am sure that I would have never watched it.