Mobility in Florence

Tuesday 10th of October

We woke up pretty early to have the time to visit the San Marco Museum before meeting our Italian penpals at the Machiavelli high school. At 2pm, our individual penpal took each of us to eat somewhere in Florence before heading home. We spent the first night at their place. I personally had a lot of fun!

Marie Chauliac

Tuesday, 10th October

This morning we came together at the high school Machiavelli and then we headed to the high school Peano by bus.

Once we arrived there, we met with Italian, Greek, Spanish and Romanian students. We all did a presentation of our high schools and our cities.

After that, we gathered for a zumba, salsa and acrobatic gymnastics session to break the ice.

We ate a sandwich at Peano and then, in the afternoon, we attended a conference on the programme of the workshop, which was mostly delivered in Italian.

At the end, we had a kind of adoption ceremony with out host families and we went back home with them.


Thursday, 12th of October 

This morning, we went to Machiavelli highschool with our hosts, then the French and Italian students went to « Di Santa Croce » and we joined the other participants of the Erasmus project at the basilica. In this church,we made a group with different nationalities (1 Romanian, 3 Italians, 1 Spanish, 1 Greek and 1 French). We visited the basilica with our group and discovered the tombs of famous people like Michelangelo and Dante …At 11:00 A.M we separated in two groups : the first group went to the workshop and they learnt how to draw on leather with gold paper while the second group learnt how to use mosaic to draw. At lunch time, we ate in a restaurant which is an old prison. In the afternoon, we visited « Galleria Degli Uffizi » and we saw the paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci, or by Botticelli such as « The Birth of Venus », « The Spring » or «Annunciation ».

The Birth of Venus by Botticelli

The Annunciation by Leonard de Vinci

The day was very interesting and rewarding.

Clara Daguerre

Friday, 13thof October

Today, we went to the European university. There, we listened to a presentation about the European Union. We learned how the European Union was created and who the most important people of the European Union, are, for example Altiero Spinelli and Jean Monnet. Then we worked all together. The groups were formed by people with different nationalities. Each group worked on an important Italian personality for the European Union, thanks to documents from the university. After that, we had lunch. We went back to work and each group presented to the other groups what they had found on the personalities. Then we visited the Accademia delle Belle Arti which is a museum. In this museum we saw the David by Michelangelo and other statues and paintings. And finally we joined our hosts.


Monday, 16th of october

Today, we went at the archives. We made 7 groups and each group had to work and make posters about one of the key words of the project. We ate from 12:00 to 13h:00 and we resumed working. Then, we went to the « Palazzo Vecchio » at 16:30, but we didn’t have time enough to visit everything because we had to join our hosts.

Lucie Chauché


Tuesday17th october

Today we went back to Santa Croce. My group visited the ceramics museum since during the previous visit, we went to the leather school.

How interesting it was!

Then, we had lunch in a former prison, which is now a restaurant.

Later that day, we went to Fiesole and some students did a presentation of the village. I chose to visit the museum of Archaeology and it turned out to be pretty cool.

Finally, we took a bus to go back to Florence and spent the night at our host’s house.

Marie Chauliac

Thursday, 19th of october

The last day, we went to the machiavelli highschool with our penpals, then the french and the italian students went to the Peano highschool. In this highschool, we joingned the other participants of the erasmus + project. At 9.30 am, we made the same groups as wednesday and we finished the « carte chorématique ». At 12 pm, we presented our tasks to other students and the project organizers thanked us and gave us a certificate of participation in the Erasmus + project. From 1 pm to 2 pm we ate at the canteen Peano and at 2 pm we shared and ate a cake together and we said one last goodbye.

Clara Daguerre