Mobility in Onești

From the 15th to the 26th of march, we had a paramount opportunity to go Romania !

The chosen were Chloé, Pierre, Lisa, Alice, Hugo Rachel and our wonderful teacher Manuelle.

We flew from Biarritz all the way to Romania via Paris.

On the first day, we slept in Bucarest. We had the opportunity to meet some Romanian guys like David who remains in our heart. Then we rode a bus to our host-city Onesti, where our families welcomed us.

Saturday, was our very first day of the mobility. We had to prepare a little show to present our school. We, French, were dressed with Basque costumes and we danced a traditional dance. In addition to that, we sang a famous song : Hegoak. As for the other students, they did the same. On the afternoon, we went to the War Monument and we met with a veteran who told us about WWI in Romania. Sunday was a day off. We spent the day with the Italians at the salt mines. After that, we enjoyed a meal in a typical Romanian restaurant.

Monday and Tuesday were also sight seeing days. We saw a monastery and a lot of churches.

For the next two days, we worked on the Romanians archives. We made posters about famous Romanian people who worked on the country’s role within Europe. Then we worked on the seven common values of the European Union.

For the remaining days of the mobility, we worked in groups about the keywords and our final project : Videoscribe. The last Sunday we moved to Brasov to discover Dracula’s Castle. It was a beautiful Sunday; the last day to see everybody and time to say goodbye.

Monday we flew back to Biarritz, full of great memories.