the last 2 days

Videoscribe at the library

Today, the bus let us in front of what the greeks call “library”.

You may wonder why I insist on these brackets, but you will quickly grasp.

Actually, in this modern building, in addition to read books, watch movies, play piano or acting in the opera, the citizens has also the possibility to produce themselves short movies or to make a record freely.

Hopefully one day the Biarritz’s mayor will see my request and will decide to convert our own library… But let’s get back on track.

After a short visit, we started working on the videoscribes. We were divided in 7 groups; 3 of them were focused on the recent memory while the other 4 groups worked on important greek personalities who fought for the maintain of the European Union.

Unfortunately, we wasted a lot of time reading twice the documents since we had not concrete directives.

Despite the lack of instructions, we wrote our script in the time allotted.

Final productions

The next day, we finished the videoscribes. Some of us were in the teacher’s room while the others were at the 3rd floor.

Insofar as we had only one computer per group, we split the tasks so as to go faster.

Finally, after an endless day working on the most wonderful website ever ( please note the hint of irony), we watched the whole productions and enjoyed our last night all together, crying just a bit!