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  •       ( grammar )
  • anglaisclubcours        ( les temps expliqués sur utube )   
  • prononciation des verbes irréguliers

  •          ( à la recherche d’un thème anglosaxon )
  •  ( se renseigner sur un fait historique )
  •                        ( oral comprehension )
  •                                                ( choose your level and test your comprehension )
  •               ( exercises )
  •                     ( to translate )
  • duolinguo                    ( mobile app to learn vocabulary )
  • wordbit                        ( mobile app to learn vocabulary )
  • CV Europass                (



  • Katherine Mansfield

CREATIONS – students’corner

THE SHARKS June 2022

Have a look on joinery internships


Happy Smileys :

Watch these videos while you are studying about THE PLANET

LES CREATIONS 2018 -2019 se préparent.

           Be patient !

THE   HAPPY  SMILEYS  are … glad to show their posters  about                        DISCRIMINATIONS  :

Which poster makes you want to react ?

Ces affiches font suite à une sortie cinéma

où la classe a pu voir

2 films :

Pride ( by Matthew Warchus ) et We Want Sex Equality ( by Nigel Cole ).

Here are their critics :

WE ARE THE BLUES BROTHERS AND WE SHOW YOU OUR FUTURE JOBSRésultat de recherche d'images pour "FREE PICTURES + blue brothers"

  1. Aeronautics
  2. Carpenter
  3. Fish Farmer
  4. Mechanics
  5. Oyster Farmer
  8. Pastry Cook
  9. Patient carer
  10. Shop Keeper
  11. Stone Cutter

Which wordle is your favourite ? Please give your comment on this site.


I let you the taste of it !

  • My best years

    Once upon a time there was a little pig that could fly .

    He liked to eat strawberry cakes

    The little pig was invited to a friend’s house to eat cake

    But on the way he crossed Maelis, the wicked wizard

    The witch robbed him his cakes

    The little pig was sad but once arrived at his friend’s, his

    friend was disguised as a witch and he would eat all the cakes

    THEN HE KILLED HIS FRIEND                                                     Yes, it’s me !

    and ate his friend !!                                                        nicolas 

    Nicolas Vaubois         

  •                                 THE STORY OF MY YEAR IN GUJANThis is the story of a dwarf who is going to the High School of the Sea in 3rd PREPA Pro he made new buddies he had to get up at 6 in the morning but his motivation was to earn money. Everything went well !
  • My best yearThis is the story of the unicorn that crossed the hills jumping. She jumped so high as she loved life.But she jumped far too high and so she met her sweared enemy : the black unicorn. She began to get excited on the black unicorn and began to think that she was going to kill her.The black unicorn turned darker and the unicorn defended itself and won and she froliced in the hills jumping.Clara Thiebaut.
  • MY GCSE STORYIt was once a little lion who had difficulties at schoolSo the professor wanted to help him and decided to contact the lion parents.The professor proposed to the lions to go 3rd professional when all of a sudden the lion dad gets angry because he believed that it’s a class for the handicaped, the professor explainsed him that it was not.The parents let their son to leave in professional.(Six months later)The little lion cannot believe. He has very good grades. His parents are very happy !Maelia Andreu
  • Once upon a time a young hunter of celestial dragons that returns in a guild because he does not control the celestial element. So he fights against many enemies. It was difficult because he had to push his limits. He found a magical bracelet which gave him an enormous power.

    So he could realize all his dreams !

    yfyrgrh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gtdghdyfghjkfhfuf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Once upon a time, the story of a teen who was proposed to smoke weed along the coastline path.He accepted, it was cool. He finished his joint and got hallucinations. And he left into a white crisis. As a consequence he became all white and he vomited. To pass this crisis he must eat some sugar. The teen couldn’t bounce back and he saw his friend arriving with a chocolate fountain.0nce eaten he started again because he thought it was good for him because he thought about nothing,He forgot all the difficulties.
  • Once upon a time a Titan who had killed several people in a town and he had an enormous net which fell him and the Titan will not manage to escape. The Titan was transformed in human being and what prevented him from running away. Then the young human being created an aura of firelight which burnt the stitches of the net then the young boy passed between the stitches and he was able to run away outside the village.

    by Lelou

    The End