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Gun control – Parkland shooting

Mar, 26th 2018 – March for our lives Following the Parkland shooting last months, the students from Stoneman Douglas Highschool have led a movement for stricter gun control that led to a massive march Video from CBSNews Find hereunder the … Continuer la lecture

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Gothic short stories

Excellent work from the 1SSVT who created those amazing short stories! Great work! The Manor                                             The Fall      … Continuer la lecture

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Charity fundraising – Project / Classes de secondes

All the students from 2GT8 and 2GT9 have taken part in a charity fundraising. They have sold some magnets for 5 weeks in order to collect money for a charity. Now the time has come to choose the charity that … Continuer la lecture

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Gun control trilogy by John Oliver

Here is the gun control trilogy by John Oliver. The famous American journalist compares the policies about gun control between the USA and Australia. Hilarious! the-daily-show-gun-control1-whoop-de-doo The daily show – Gun control and political suicide The Daily Show – John … Continuer la lecture

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Hi everybody !

Welcome to our new English blog ! In this blog you can find solutions to improve your English and you can see what the other students have created : Scrapbooks, detective stories, press articles… Please find hereunder to start with … Continuer la lecture

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